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Grinding Mills For Sale In Zimbabwe

Grinding Mills For Sale In Zimbabwe

Dolomite Grinding Mill


Dolomite is a common carbonate mineral, which is a crystal structure, a combination of massive and granular, white in color, grayish green or grayish yellow in the case of impurities, and its Mohs hardness is 3.5- 4. The processed dolomite can be used in many industrial fields such as construction, building materials, chemical industry, agriculture, refractory materials, etc., and its use value is high.

Milling machine for 200 mesh dolomite

Mills that can be used in dolomite processing include: vertical mill, ultra-fine mill, ultra-fine vertical mill, high-strength mill, three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding, etc., but in line with user processing 200 The purpose of the Baiyun vertical mill is mainly the vertical mill and the ultra-fine vertical mill. Let's take a look at these two equipments.

1, vertical mill

Feed particle size: ≤ 30mm

Production capacity: 8-176 tons / day

Production fineness: 100-500 mesh

Applicable materials: bentonite, diabase, limestone, quartz, dolomite, bluestone, etc.

Hot models: 4525 and 4119

Performance advantages: advanced technology, advanced and reasonable structure, compact internal structure, vertical structure, small floor space, stable and reliable operation, high screening rate, high quality and good performance.

2, ultra-fine vertical mill

Feed particle size: ≤ 25mm

Production capacity: 0.2-12t

Production fineness: 200-500 mesh

Applicable materials: dolomite, calcite, calcium carbonate, dolomite, barite, talc, gypsum, etc.

Hot sale models: micro-powder 93, micro-powder 92, micro-powder 87, micro-powder 76, etc.

Performance advantages: It has good sealing performance, no dust overflow during operation, significant environmental protection effect, low energy consumption, large application range, reasonable adjustment of fineness, strong flexibility of use and strong rolling pressure.

Dolomite Grinding Mill price

Speaking of the price of Dolomite Grinding Mill? Here, we also recommend that the majority of users go to the formal, large-scale vertical mill manufacturers to understand, because the market price of Dolomite Grinding Mill is affected by many factors, the main factors affecting the price of equipment are equipment model and quality. , performance, manufacturers, market competition and market supply and demand and other factors, so only when users know the manufacturer to verify, the manufacturer will recommend the appropriate type of vertical mill according to your actual production needs, and then give a comprehensive comparison of various factors Specific equipment quotes.

Shibang Industrial Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of dolomite vertical mills. It has high credibility and high praise in the industry, guaranteed equipment quality, and reasonable price and high cost performance. Users are welcome to come to the site for inspection. For consultation, we will recommend a reasonable plan according to your production requirements. For more information on equipment information and specific offer quotations.

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